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Established in 1999, Clive Menzies & Associates Limited is a family business run by Maggie Dusnic and Clive Menzies.

Maggie leads on our information and communication technology activities, trading as TechStretch, while Clive is active in co-creative learning of political economy and risk assessment, including the MacroRisk Connect Programme.

We are keen advocates of open source and co-creative learning and will support co-creative learning projects and groups across society. We would like to hear from you if you’re involved in co-creative learning or would like to learn more about it.

Whether you’re an academic, student, policy maker, campaigner, in business or simply curious, the power of CoCreative Learning will put your endeavours into the context of reality, revealing how best to achieve your aims.

TechStretch offers a broad range of help for Windows and Linux users, ranging from simple 10-minute online sessions for quick help; diagnosing PC problems and virus cleaning; to setting up complete office networking environments with remote access between offices and/or your home. We aim to help you learn how to get the most from technology while protecting yourself from cyber threats.
MacroRisk Connect
MacroRisk Connect is an initiative to co-create a shared understanding of macro or global risks. It draws on proven principles and processes for CoCreative Learning to develop a MacroRisk Framework to assess and prioritise macro risks in order to take steps to avoid, mitigate and prevent their potentially catastrophic consequences.
CoCreative Learning
Clive Menzies & Associates Limited also supports and contributes to the free, open source CoCreative Learning Project which underpins the MacroRisk Connect Programme.
Critical Thinking
Clive is a member of Critical Thinking at the Free University from which the free, open source CoCreative Learning Project evolved. TechStretch has helped support Critical Thinking and some of those participating.